News and achievements of Alkivio, the Novacart startup for a plastic-free world

Through fairs, talks and collaborations, the new startup Alkivio is achieving significant goals to promote its mission and introduce its first biocomposite AlkiPaper®

The startup Alkivio was founded from the joint laboratory of IIT (Italian Institute of Technology) of Novacart Group.

Thanks to patented technology, Alkivio transforms Novacart's production residues into AlkiPaper®, the first family of biocomposites that possess all the characteristics of plastic (in terms of processing and use) but are capable of decomposing at the end of their lifecycle.

Alkivio and Novatex: towards innovation in the agritech field

In 2024, Alkivio signed an important collaboration agreement with Novatex, a leading company in the production of harvesting nets for the protection of forage.

The agreements between the two companies introduces a new environmentally friendly material to the agritech world, aiming to reduce the use of plastic materials in the sector.

Today, the main objective is to develop a prototype of netting for round balers using the AlkiPaper® biocomposites, applying this innovation in real-world scenarios to reduce the industrial production's impact on the planet.

Alkivio at WMF, the International Innovation Fair: Digital, Tech and AI

On the 13th of June, Alkivio was among the exhibitors at We Make Future, the International Fair and Festival on Digital and Technological Innovation.

During the fair, Alkivio had the opportunity to present the startup and AlkiPaper® biocomposite in a place where innovation and care for the environment are fundamental for companies.

Alkivio at WMF

The live talk at CoffeeTech, Digital Innovation Hub

On the 14th of June, Alkivio's CEO Fulvio Puzone discussed the startup, its innovative technologies, and the AlkiPaper biocomposite in a live talk at CoffeeTech of the Digital Innovation Hub.

At Confindustria Genova, Fulvio retraced the steps that led to the founding of Alkivio and the development of sustainable plastic alternatives to be applied in major industrial processes.

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