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Techno Papier is part of Novacart group and adheres to the principles for sustainability embraced by the company. A world leader in the production of articles in paper and cardboard for food use, Novacart boasts production units all over the world.

Respect for the environment

Techno Papier is part of Novacart group, an Italian company with production and distribution sites all over the world, which believes in the importance of sustainability and respect for the environment. The group uses raw material supplied exclusively by Scandinavian certified forests.

The FSC certification system allows the final consumer to recognize products made from raw materials that come from properly managed forests, where more trees are planted than those that are cut. In addition, Techno Papier uses storage methods that optimize transport and stacking of boxes so as to reduce emissions and transports.

Techno Papier sustainability policies
Techno Papier social responsibility

Social responsibility

Novacart Group, in accordance with the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations, is committed to promoting the wellbeing and health of individuals who come into contact with the company, from employees to customers.

Keeping line with the group policies, Techno Papier adopts codes of conduct that promote the professional and personal development of all company workers, while establishing relationships of mutual trust with all partners and customers.

The control of each phase of the production chain through certified tests is constant, in order to ensure safety to employees, customers, final consumers and any individual who comes into contact with the group's activities.

Sustainable economic growth

We want to create value for the communities in which we operate, always in a sustainable manner.

Being a market leader allows Novacart Group to generate wealth and well-being for the territory and the population. We do so by offering jobs to local communities, exploring new markets, opening new sites and investing in research and development.

We are also committed to reducing the costs of our supply chain, so that our products can always be competitive on the market.

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Techno Papier sustainability in numbers
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