Horizontal wave (HW) baking molds for Easter Colomba cake: a Novacart’s patent

Thanks to the innovative horizontal wave the dough preserves its shape during the rising and the baking process.

The horizontal wave: a Novacart invention

Novacart patented the horizontal wave for its baking molds, including the Easter colomba cake mold. Thanks to the horizontal wave, the dough preserves its original shape during the raising and baking process. Furthermore, the horizontal waves in the mold enhance the raising of the dough, giving support to the product, and creating an isolated air space during baking; this process guarantees consistent baking on all sides and on the bottom.

Even the removal of the product after the baking process is very easy, because the paper comes off in a linear way. Nowadays, most of the producers of confectionery products use baking molds with a horizontal wave. That’s why Novacart created these molds in automatic lines. This contributing factor to the production allows the producer to offer an inexpensive product and, at the same time, it guarantees excellent performances.

Baking molds for Easter’s colomba cake

Novacart patented specific baking molds for the Italian Easter colomba cake now used all over the world. Colomba’s baking molds by Novacart are available in different sizes and for different product volumes (from 100 to 1000 grams), and they are ideal both for baking and for the finished product.

Novacart colomba baking molds are made of pure cellulose paper in microwave, with external brown color and a golden flower print. They’re also available in solid colour. Novacart baking molds are customizable according to confectionery professionals’ necessities.

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