Novacart Mini Bundt baking molds

Novacart presents the new Ecos Mini Bundt baking molds

Resistant to grease and high temperatures, these disposable paper molds for Mini Bundts are a sustainable and innovative solution for the food and bakery sector.

Novacart launches a new product for the Ecos series: the Mini Bundt paper baking molds, designed for cooking Bundt cakes and other doughs.

Extremely practical, these new molds can be used from baking to packaging, without the need for additional packs.

Mini Bundt baking molds by Novacart
Mini Bundt made with Novacart paper molds
Novacart new Bundt paper molds

Bundt paper molds technical features

The innovative Mini Bundt paper molds are disposable, recyclable, easy to fill with the dough and practical to manage in the cooking process. They are ideal for cooking Bundt-type desserts, with sweet or savory dough.

Like all baking molds in the Ecos series, Bundt molds are able to withstand oven high temperatures (up to 220 ° C), freezing and grease. 

Easy to remove, they do not need to be buttered before use. The new Ecos Mini Bundt baking molds are a sustainable, practical and innovative solution for the food and bakery sector.

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