Easy Bake

TEGLIE E.B. 80X40 H 40-5x4 | Cardboard baking tray

SKU: G9F12112

Easy Bake baking tray in beige cardboard, with 20 baking cups in brown and inner pet film cardboard with 5x4 size.

The baking tray E.B. 80X40 H40-5X4 is made of brown cardboard and inner pet film with 20 baking cups in brown color and internal white color, it's resistant to food fats and withstands both freezing and oven baking up to 220°C. This baking tray, thanks to its specific self sustaining structure, doesn't need to be insterted in pre-formed molds. Its elegant design makes it suitable for the presentation of the finished product.

Pieces per case pack: 25 - Pieces per pallet: 700


  • Baking
  • Microwave
  • Deep-freezing
  • Presentation


  • Cup shape: Rectangular
  • Support length: 552 mm
  • Support width: 360 mm
  • Length of cup bottom: 80 mm
  • Width of cup bottom: 40 mm
  • Length of cup mouth: 100 mm
  • Width of cup mouth: 55 mm
  • Cup height: 40 mm
  • Number of portions: Others
  • Support material: Cardboard
  • Cup material: Cardboard
  • Material features: Grease and oil resistant
  • Resistance to heat: 180°C-220°C
  • Recommended uses: Yeast doughs
  • Main color of cups: Brown
  • Support print: Ecru
  • Inner color of cups: White
  • Support color: Ecru
  • Position: Free-standing
  • Disposal: Recyclable
  • Customization: Yes
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